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ou, szt, ig5, ni, b7, 5, cw, o1v, v8, z9, 0s, 4m, Pasta Ripiena Vouchers | £10 Gift Voucher


£10 Gift Voucher


A special gift for a special someone. What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift from Pasta Ripiena! Spend the voucher on anything you like at our city centre restaurant in Bristol.  We are part of the Pasta Loco family.


All vouchers are valid for 12 months. They can be used to pay for food or drink, if the total bill is higher than the gift card then it will be face value on payment of the difference. No change will be given if the total bill is less than the gift card value and cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Please note:
1. All email are delivered electronically via email and are not sent out in the post
2. Vouchers are in PDF format and can be downloaded from the email link

25 in stock