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The Gift of Pasta Ripiena

Choose from our selection of monetary gifts vouchers below.

Gift Voucher Update

Please note that all vouchers that were purchased before the lockdown have had their expiry date extended for a full 12 months.  So if you received a voucher for a Christmas gift for example, we will be honouring your voucher to the end of 2021.

Pasta Ripiena

The team at Pasta Ripiena is dedicated to four things in particular: perfectly crafted stuffed pasta, pairing our dishes with exceptional wines, elevating hospitality to an art form and creating an atmosphere that’s intimate, playful and dynamic.


Ripiena is the first Ravioli restaurant in the UK and is the sister restaurant to Bristol’s award winning Pasta Loco. Like all siblings they share things in common; both cherish a warm welcome and food is served from the heart and the kitchen in equal measure. And, like all siblings, it’s their individuality that makes them special.


Whether you are treating a loved one, a special friend or treating your employees, then our range of gift vouchers at Pasta Ripiena are perfect for that special treat! You can even send a personal message and enter the recipient’s email and we will send them their voucher on your preferred date.  All vouchers last 12 months, so they have plenty of time to come and enjoy our award winning food.

We are Family

Get In Touch!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

33 St Stephens Street

0117 329 3131